2nd Shooter: I Love This Job!

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2nd Shooter: I Love This Job!

Not many people think about it, but when you book your Wedding Photographer, and you decide on a package that has 2 photographers, not many people really know why a 2nd photographer is needed. I am a second Photographer or ‘Second Shooter’, and while you might not know it now, there are some awesome advantages to having a 2nd shooter.

Right now, I have to tell you, I love my job. I mean I, as the 2nd shooter have way more freedom to look for that amazing angle as opposed to the Primary Photographer, Amy-Lee. You might ask, “What’s the difference?” It’s ok, I’m glad you asked 🙂


It’s All About The Angles

Secondary angles can be some of the best shots from your big day. Now, I am the Second Shooter here, so I know what this looks like, but I’m not just being bias – Let me elaborate.

Bel Amour Wedding Photography Primary Photographer v second shooter

Often during the post ceremony photo shoot, Amy-Lee, our Primary or ‘Lead’ Photographer is setting up shots and I continue shooting and looking for moments and angles outside of what Amy-Lee is doing so my shots can sometimes look more candid and altogether completely different. Here’s an awesome example

In this example (left) we have the Primary Photographer getting an amazing front-on photograph of our absolutely stunning Bride, Naomi. at the same time, I, as the Second Shooter, am focused on getting alternative perspectives and we end up with a completely different image from the same location. Equally beautiful but for very different reasons.

The Second Shooter perspective (right) can really give so many more looks and so many more moods. Compare the moods in these two examples.

There’s also situations where Amy-Lee may be trying to set up a shot and the Bridal Party may be just following directions and I see a great opportunity for a shot, that’s not expected – Not in the script. Yet another amazing shot to grab while others are focused on something completely different.

Here’s one of my favourites, and again it’s from Naomi’s wedding (below). Amy-Lee was about to set up a shot further down this tree line. So I asked the Bridal Party to head down to the spot. I saw the opportunity between locations and captured this moment. Like I said it’s got to be one of my favourite shots this year. But If there was no Second Shooter, this shot wouldn’t have happened.

Bel Amour Wedding Photography - Wedding Wedding Photographers Brisbane, Sunshine, Coast and Gold Coast Copyright 2017

In terms of overall ‘coverage’ a 2nd shooter is important to have on your big day. Yes, 1 photographer can do the job, but the coverage won’t even be close. I absolutely love my job, I get to get as creative as I like. To photograph weddings along side my awesome wife, I get to document young love blooming into an epic love story. We get to capture the most beautiful fleeting moments in time for people just like you. I hope this gives you a little insight to my world.

See you at your wedding… I’ll be the one over to the left.

Until next time AH 🙂

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