Seven Tips For Brides That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

7 Tips For Brides That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

I love everything about weddings and I’ve developed 7 tips for brides that will actually make your life easier. Weddings are my favourite thing! As a bride everyone expects you to be an expert at creating this incredible event and your qualifications being that you’re engaged and possibly attended one or two weddings. In reality, you really feel lost and are just winging it as you go!
This can lead to some fundamental mistakes; meaning those images you see and fall in love with and desperately desire for your own wedding probably won’t turn out how you had hoped. Primarily because you’re new at this right? You’ve been given a year or less to get this 50-100 person event perfect and you have no idea where to start! Fear not! After reading ‘7 Tips For Brides That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier’ you’ll be able to navigate your way through this minefield with a little more ease and confidence.
Being in the wedding & Photography industry for a good portion of my life has been an eye-opening and educating experience, so let me share with you what I’ve found.

7 Tips For Brides:

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1. Book Your Venue:

The first thing to do after you’ve decided on your date is book your venue, this way you can get a good list of trusted vendors to help you. One venue featured in our blog is JFK Woodfire and Grill. This place blew me away, it is so cute and perfect for that small Boho wedding. Tell’em we sent ya!

2. Once you have the venue/s book your PHOTOGRAPHER.

Your photographer can almost fill in for a planner and you will want to make sure you book them next because you’ll need to work out your timeline. Your wedding photographer (if they are any good)  will be able to suggest the best times of the day to get those magical images you’ve seen on their website and Instagram.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to find your photographer as early in your planning as possible!

3. Remember you get what you pay for!

I know a lot of brides are on a budget but your husband, your images and your wedding ring are all you have left after it’s all said and done. I know you’ve chosen the perfect partner and you love your rings, but have you chosen your photographer correctly? My expert advice for deciding on who’s going to document this once in a lifetime day; go with your gut and your heart; not by price.
Ask a lot of questions, look at their work on their website and social media, read their reviews and most of all feel a connection with them. Then it’s more likely they feel a connection too and will treat your wedding as if it is their own. You want a storyteller, not a money maker. But be warned a brilliant storyteller won’t be cheap, but for what you will end up with you will feel like you’ve got a bargain!

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4. Next, decide on a dress.

Although I recommend you take your time choosing your gown. Most brides I know always go back to the first dress they tried on so don’t be surprised if that’s you as well. Just know that it’s ok to take your time and exhaust as many bridal boutiques as you can. So start straight away, most bridal shops need time to order your dress or alter it so starting your search early is key.
Alternatively, If you order on eBay from China you’ll get an “almost the same as the image” dress so be prepared to do alterations to your bargain deal. Generally, these dresses will need something altered! So if ordering online give yourself a much longer amount of time to make sure the dress is just right for your shape.

See Our Wedding Vendors Page Here

5. Bridesmaids! Who will they be?

This has got to be one of the best tips for brides I can offer. Choose your bridesmaids carefully. Your best bet is to choose your maid of honour first, she will be the girl who has ALWAYS got your back. The number of times my brides have been utterly disappointed with their choices of ladies in waiting is phenomenal. Your bridesmaids have a job to do on your day “to look after you.”
You want them to know and be willing to not just look good, but help you with your hens night, your veil, dress, bouquet, shoes, touching up makeup, getting ready on the big day AND keeping you hydrated and fed throughout the day! You want women whom will be willing to smile so much their cheeks hurt so that every photo taken is a good one!
The worst thing is to have amazing shots of you and most of the bridal party except Jenny who looks like she is just not feelin it! These women will spoil you along the journey of planning by being there for fittings, choosing colours and flowers and late night stress out calls. It’s better to have one or two besties that will have your back than 5-10 who are just apathetic to your needs and care more about how they look rather than how you look and feel on the day.
It might sound a bit harsh; but it’s a harsh reality when your bridesmaids are running off to have a drink or fixing up their makeup and your stuck trying to pick up your dress and make your way through the terrain after a stunning location shoot post-ceremony, or worse your makeup needs touch up and there’s no one around to run some lippy over to you while your perfectly posed for a stunning photo. So Ladies choose your maid of honour and bridesmaids carefully!

Bel Amour Wedding Photography - Wedding Wedding Photographers Brisbane, Sunshine, Coast and Gold Coast Copyright 20176. Tips For Brides: Your celebrant is another VIP of your day!

The person helping you to solidify your love and create great memories with you is truly important. You would be better served to choose a person who reflects your personality and how you envision your ceremony to go. Do you like fun with lots of character,  maybe romantic and classic, or do you want a traditional priest to marry you both?
Choosing this person should be someone whom you connect with and that can relate to you and the journey you are on with your beloved. There is plenty of websites you can go to to find celebrants, but I always say get recommendations from friends or other vendors that you have booked. That way you know for sure that the celebrant or priest or pastor is going to deliver what you are looking for.

7. Which brings me to my next and final best tips for brides for this post, Referrals Referrals referrals!!

Your venue, Your photographer and possibly your celebrant will have loads of amazing, talented, and reliable vendors they can recommend to you and the best part about that is you generally will get a discount from them if you book as a direct referral. Tell them your photographer sent you and ask if they have a special offer if you book them as a referral client or there may have a discount code you can use.
Let’s face it this industry lives off referrals and we all want to help each other maintain our work schedule for the entire year; so most of us are more than happy to offer a discount to our referral wedding clients. The other perk is, your recommending vendor, be it your venue or photographer etc has worked with these people and can vouch for them. No one recommends another business if it’s going to reflect badly on them, so you can rest assured their recommendation comes highly regarded. It also just takes a lot of stress out of choosing your florist, makeup artist, car hire, suit hire etc…
As you can see there is a lot to think about when planning your wedding, I guess that’s why wedding planning businesses do so well! But if you are like me and you like to do it yourself then these few tips should really help the flow of your planning and the end result. Now that you are armed with these fantastic ideas go rock out your wedding planning!
We love to hear your feedback so comment below with some thoughts about this post, Thank you!
Until Next Time
Amy-Lee xx


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