Cinematic Videos

Watch Our Partner Paradise Videography’s Sneak Peek videos

Bel Amour weddings offers some stunning boutique wedding collections and even offer a package that includes beautiful videography to go along with your fairytale images. We’re so exited to have this option available to our clients as part of our ‘Rose Collection’ and the feedback from our clients has been incredible. Our job is to capture memories and freeze them in time for you to look back on for your entire life.

However, the truth is, even though the memories and glancing moments that we capture at your wedding day will be emotional moments of reflection that you will enjoy when you’re old and grey – they will out live us all and be something that future generations will be able to enjoy as a look back in time and experience the point in time when their branch of the family tree was formed.

It’s such a special privilege for us to do what we do and we treat every wedding as such. We love what we do and look forward to speaking to you about your wedding too. Contact us here to find out more.

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